Sunday, October 15, 2017

Michelle Mosby for Treasurer

On November 7th, I hope you will join me in voting Michelle Mosby for City Treasurer

What is the City Treasurer? 
The role of Treasurer is a constitutional officer, elected every 4-years, that is responsible collecting and accounting for all revenues received. 

What does that actually mean? What do they do? 
Their role in revenue collection is detailed in state code. Many local governments, not Richmond, have a webpage to explain their role (e.g. York County). From reading these pages, it seems like the main emphasis is educational. The number crunching is completed by a Director of Finance or financially trained staff. 

1990s webpage alert! 
This state webpage still exists to explain compensation for constitutional positions and I love this large print pdf on Treasurer history. Also, her opponent L. Shirley Harvey has a can't miss webpage with music! 

Why Michelle Mosby? 
This is not a vote against Nichole Armstead or L. Shirley Harvey, but a vote for Michelle Mosby. 

In the RT-D announcement, you can understand byMichelle's comments that she is knowledgeable with the system and is ready to take on those who would do harm to our city. Even if it costs her personal gain, which it did in directly challenging Morrissey.  

My personal reasons: 

High quality person. Michelle is one of the most genuine people you will meet. She is quick to give hugs and you will always know where you stand. She is willing to take on the hard fight. 

We agree and disagree. Over the past 3-years we have discussed and debated what actions to take in transforming education in Richmond. Through these discussions, I gained the highest respect for Michelle as one who sticks to her principles, but is always looking to find a way to connect. 

Learning from experience. As a business owner, Michelle has taken personal risk and failed (bankruptcy). I see this as a positive as one who has fallen down and learned to pull herself back up. 

Bridging the Richmond and RVA gap. Michelle represents southside Richmond, but she is more than just a geography. I've seen Michelle connect with all of Richmond, from families in public housing to CEOs. Michelle engenders respect and kindness for all. She and I have a similar passion for citizen education and I know that, at a minimum, she can help us get a webpage like York County. Really Richmond, York County is beating us. 

On November 7th, I hope you will join me in voting Michelle Mosby for City TreasurerYou can help Michelle by going to her website to sign up for email updates, get a yard sign, or donate.